Gonzagueville and Jean-Folly, Two Neighbourhoods in the Commune of Port-Bouët, Very Vulnerable to Flooding

  • Guissa Desmos Francis DAKOURI
  • Kamenan Marcel BROU
  • Drissa OUATTARA
  • Kouamé Bernard KOULE
Keywords: vulnerability, factor, flood, Gonzagueville, Jean-Folly, Port-Bouët


For a decade, the municipalities of the city of the district of Abidjan have been increasingly affected by natural hazards with considerable damage. One of the most dreadful is the floods that haunt the population every year during the rain season. The objective of this study is to highlight the determinants of the vulnerability of the inhabitants of the districts of Gonzagueville and Jean-Folly in the municipality of Port-Bouët. The methodological framework used to achieve this objective combines bibliographic research, field observation and interviews. The results obtained indicate that the vulnerability of the Gonzagueville and Jean-Folly populations is linked to morpho-structural conditions and anthropogenic factors. In other words, the results of this study highlight the vulnerability of the municipality through its relief of high plateaus which expose the population to flooding. They also indicate that the anarchic occupation of space and the behaviour of the populations are at the root of the floods which strike the commune.