Minimizing the Delay of Data Transmission in the Network to Improve Video Transfer Quality in Order to Support E-learning

  • Loubna Ali
Keywords: Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Routing algorithm, Constrained Shortest Path First (CSPF), Quality of Service, Quality of Experience


Using videos by organisations is multi-functional. Sometimes video is used as a product or for selling or marketing goals, and sometimes for training, learning or communication. Whatever was the motivation or the business model, it is important that the transmission of videos over the Internet be more effective and efficient in order to have a successful viewing experience. Various factors such as slow video playing start-up and poor videos quality, lead to user experience failure and reduce the number of views for those videos. Due to the many benefits of using video in e-learning, especially in epidemics periods, this research focuses on the quality of the transmission and delivery of educational videos that can be used to recompense the educational loss. The main factor that will be tested in this research is the data transmission delay, the factor that directly affects the video's quality use and experience of this service by the end user. To achieve this goal, a new algorithm will be proposed. This algorithm depends on the available links' bandwidth in the network and relies on it for routing data to reduce the delay of transmitted video data.