Accelerating Teachers’ English Skills through WhatsApp as the Main DLR Platform

  • Jumanto Jumanto
  • Rahmanti Asmarani
  • Sri Oemiati
Keywords: English skill, digital learning resource, digital learning platform, WhatsApp as the main DLR platform, acceleration program


This research proposed WhatsApp as the main digital learning platform for accelerating the English language skills of senior-high-school teachers. This research is interpretatively qualitative, descriptive, and digitally creative. The research design consisted of WhatsApp as the main platform, and Zoom, Google, and YouTube as the support platforms. The main platform was mainly used for written interactions or communication, while the support platforms were used for the subjects’ digital learning resources for their English performances. The research elaborated a pre-survey and a post-survey by using Google-form digital questionnaires. The questionnaires involved 5W and 1H aspects for researching the 30 subjects’ perception and motivation for learning English through digital learning resources, especially WhatsApp. The 5-minute surveys were also equipped with simple free-writing tests in both the pre-survey and the post-survey. Interactions or communication through WhatsApp were then carried out by the researchers and the subjects for 100 days. During the 100-day interactions or communication, three speaking performances by the subjects were then examined on Day-31, Day-61, and Day-91. The data analysis employed the central tendency interpretation and the proportion analysis in form of percentages. The overall picture of the research finding is that the subjects’ English performances increase in the writing skill fluency, i.e. the quantity of words or word counts in the post-survey rises significantly more than that in the pre-survey. However, the quality or the accuracy of the writing skill decreases along with the increase of the subjects’ word counts. Meanwhile, the speaking performances by the subjects within the Zoom meetings do not show a significant difference. This research model as well as its results may be open for verification or further follow-up research by alternating the duration of research or by increasing the number of speaking performances during the main interactions or communication through the WhatsApp platform.