Education Socialization Contributing to International Integration in Vietnam

  • Nguyen Phuoc Trong
Keywords: socialization, international integration, Vietnam


Socialization is understood as a method of diversifying public service providers. In Western economic theories, socialization is seen as a state solution to market failures. As a social operator, the State directly provides a number of public services through its organizations to deal with the shortage of public services that the private sector does not want or cannot provide. Thus, the socialization of public services in the Western concept is that the State provides public services based on the use of public resources. In Vietnam, socialization of public services is understood in a completely opposite sense. Due to the peculiarities of the management model and historical practice of national construction, public services in Vietnam are provided by the State. Experiencing many ups and downs in history, in the context of increasingly shrinking public resources but increasing demands of society for the quantity and quality of public services, the State must gradually reduce its direct activities. Instead of self-supply, the State transfers some tasks to entities outside the State but still retains the overall management. The mobilization and organization for members of society to participate in public service delivery is called socialization.