Sound Waves in Recent Spatial Audio Sounding Technology

  • Minkyu Shim
Keywords: Spatial Audio Technology, Audio Engineering, Sound Waves, Audio Signal, Dolby Atmos


This research determined the different characteristics of the sound waves of the recent spatial audio systems in audio engineering using a case study method and an equation for sound intensity to identify the different characteristics of the basic digital stereo audio technology and the spatial audio system, Dolby Atmos. This spatial audio system was chosen for the case study, as it is currently the most accessible spatial audio system to music listeners, being available in the music streaming service, Apple Music. Within the case study, this paper compared different aspects of the audio systems including their basic theories, frequency range, and the Bit/Sample rates of each audio system. Primarily, on top of this basic analysis, the research mainly utilized a scientific equation on sound intensity to assess the ability of how efficiently the audio systems can deliver sound in terms of intensity and sound waves with the help of the music software, Logic Pro X. The results showed that spatial audio systems do not interfere with the intensity of the sound waves, but simply manipulate the direction of the sound waves to create a new sounding atmosphere for the listeners. The results from this research may also suggest the basic strengths of current spatial audio services and a vision for future improvement for the spatial audio technology.