A Review on Nicholas Henry’s “Good Government: An Unstylish Idea that Warrants a Worldwide Welcome”

  • Louvill M. Ozarraga
Keywords: Resuscitate, Good Government, Nicholas Henry, The New Public Management


The article, "Good government: an unstylish idea that warrants a worldwide welcome," was written by Nicholas Henry, a Professor Emeritus of Public Administration and President Emeritus at Georgia Southern University, USA. The article draws attention to the fast spreading influence of the citizen-friendly approach that seeks to build an administration from a rigid, hierarchical, and disciplined bureaucracy to one that is more "businesslike" using private sector management models, specifically the New Public Management (NPM). In the face of the success of the NPM, the author pointed out some ceaseless problems the government is facing, namely authoritarianism, corruption, and ineptitude. Nicholas Henry believes that it is time to resuscitate the good government approach that will help curtail the government's ceaseless problems. However, the author’s proposal to resuscitate the "good government" approach is easier said than done.