K-ω Modelling of Natural Turbulence Convection in a Three Dimensional Enclosed Chamber

  • J. K. Kimunguyi
  • S. G. Musyoki
  • K. O. Awuor
Keywords: turbulence, natural convention, K-ω model


Turbulent flows are highly unsteady (random), chaotic and three dimensional in motion. Turbulent flows have high Reynolds number and non-zero vorticity. Turbulent flows are diffusive and dissipate energy naturally. The aim of this project is to numerically investigate natural turbulent convection in a three dimensional enclosed chamber using k-ω model and SIMPLEC method. The research is to investigate temperature and velocity distribution in an enclosure. The equations governing the flow are Momentum, Continuity and Energy equations. The equations are first time averaged. The averaging process introduced non-linear terms; Reynolds stress and heat flux which are modelled using k-ω model. The emerging equations after modelling are non-dimensionalized and then discretized by finite volume method and the results solved using SIMPLEC algorithm. The numerical method is validated using benchmark experimental data provided by Markatos and Pericleous (1984). From the results herein, the solutions produced by the numerical method were consistent with the exact solutions produced by the benchmark experimental data provided by Markatos and Pericleous (1984) since, from velocity profiles, that there is very minimal activity in the core region of the enclosure.