Analysis of Tear Fluid Cystatin C as Biomarkers in Patients with Primary Ocular Tumors

  • Ayu Aliyah
  • Rodiah R Lubis
  • Dewi S Masitha
Keywords: Benign Ocular Tumor, Malignant Ocular Tumor, Cystatin C, Tear Fluid


Introduction: Cystatin C is known to play a role in tumor development and is expected to be used as a biomarker in eye tumors. Purpose: To analyze levels of tear fluid cystatin C as biomarkers of primary ocular tumors. Materials and Methods: This study was an analytical observational study with a case-control design. A total of 25 subjects with eye tumors in the study group and 25 subjects without eye tumors in the control group were included. Sampling was conducted from April 2022-July 2022 at the Eye Polyclinic of the Reconstructive Ocuplasty and Oncology division. The Mann-Whitney test was used with a significance level of 5%. Results: There was a significant difference in the tear fluid Cystatin C level between subjects with eye tumors and without eye tumors (p<0.001), with the mean tear fluid Cystatin C in the eye tumor group of 1.43 mg/dL. However, there was a significant difference in the level of tear fluid Cystatin C between the groups of subjects with malignant eye tumors and benign eye tumors (p=0.042). Conclusion: There was a significant relationship between tear fluid cystatin C levels and eye tumors (p < 0.001).