Food Wastes: A Review

  • Aleja Alyssa M. Macapodi
  • Abdani D. Bandera
  • Louvill M. Ozarraga
  • Buhary R. Macapanton
  • Alliah A. Abdullah-Pandapatan
  • Abdani R. Al-Rashid
  • Mohammad Merhasshan G. Gubat
  • Jalila D. Dimapundug
Keywords: Food waste, Residential wastage, Institutional food wastage, Commercial food wastage, Policies driving food waste generation


Food waste is a major problem that has effects on the environment, society, and the economy on a global scale. The disposal of food waste and related factors are reviewed in this article. The original literature's technical phrases have been adapted to define wasted food. This brought to light the complexity of the problem, which includes behaviors and attitudes that contribute to food waste in household, institutional, commercial settings, policies that encourage food waste production, situational, behavioral, attribute, and personal aspects. The variety of behaviors and reasons for food waste should be addressed in the prevention methods. They ought to be comprehensive to appeal to people's values, equip them with the knowledge to reduce waste, and support logistical advancements to promote avoidance.