Green Human Resource Management Practices: A Critical Review

  • Alliah A. Abdullah-Pandapatan
  • Abdani D. Bandera
  • Aleja Alyssa M. Macapodi
  • Louvill M. Ozarraga
  • Buhary R. Macapanton
  • Abdani R. Al-Rashid
  • Jalila D. Dimapundug
  • Mohammad Merhasshan G. Gubat
Keywords: Green Human Resource Management, Pro-environmental Behavior, Green Policies and Process, Environmental Management System


Growing concern for the environment compels organizations to adopt green human resource management practices. This includes green recruitment and selection, green training and development, green performance management and appraisal, green reward and compensation, and green empowerment to promote employees' pro-environmental behavior in the workplace. To a large extent, implementing green processes and policies results in increased efficiencies, cost reduction, employee retention, and improved productivity. Thus, undoubtedly, green human resource management is positively related and influential to employees' pro-environmental behavior; green involvement is crucial in improving the performance of environmental management systems; environmental knowledge moderates the effect of green human resource management practices; employee engagement partially mediates the association between green human resource management practices and individual green behavior; and green human resource management interplays the linkages amongst green transformational leadership, green innovation, and environmental performance.