Impact of Science and Technology in the Observance of Taboos in Akan Culture in Ghana

  • Mary Kate Quaicoe
  • Robert Bonsu
Keywords: Akans, Cultic, Prohibitions, Taboos, Science and Technology


This paper examined the impact of science and technology in the observance of taboos in Akan perspective. The study confirmed that science and technology have a lot of impact in taboos. The study identified enough support to substantiate the misconception on science and technology having nothing to do with taboos. Taboos have a spiritual connotation in Akans set up. Therefore, this paper investigated the global village as the world has science and technology as its foundation focused on taboos. Design of the study was qualitative and the instruments used for data collection were observation and interview. The investigation was conducted with twenty-five (25) native speakers in Cape Coast Municipality. Purposive simple was used to elicit significant information for the analysis. The results showed that taboos are scared and a set of cultic proscription as well as norms that regulates the individual activities. It serves as guidelines to Akans in their daily lives and this concept is what science and technology also seek to inculcate in humankind.