Trajectory on Java Preanger Coffee Culture Tourist Destination (Actor-Network Theory Perspective)

  • Arief Faizal Rachman
  • Willy Arafah
  • Hera Oktadiana
  • Sri Mariati
Keywords: actor-network theory, coffee culture destination, Java Coffee, Java Preanger


This study aims to analyze social actors and trajectory techniques for Java Preanger coffee culture, form a strategy to make Java Preanger coffee culture a tourist destination, and integrate social actors and technical actors concept. This study uses a qualitative method with a constructionism paradigm, and an epistemological philosophical approach. The analysis of this research uses an Interpretative Phenomenology Analysis (IPA) analysis tool which is able to provide a double hermeneutic meaning to the phenomenon. The research findings show that the network model of social actors and technical actors (ANT) has a trajectory from the VOC period known as Java Coffee products.