Case Study on Urban Dwellers’ Food Lifestyle: Evidence from the Philippines

  • Dennis A. Sandoval


Condominium developments are at the center of everything that ever mattered: shopping malls, schools, hospitals, banks, and easy access to major highways and public transportation. You will be surprised at the amount of time you save because it will take you only a few minutes to get to work, not to mention fuel. The level of stress you experience everyday because of traffic and long lines will be significantly reduced. Convenience is the condo’s surname. It has everything you need. Aside from the location, new condo developments have business establishments to cater to condo residents. It’s like having a mall at your doorstep. If you need some repairs done, property management is just a phone call away. This goes the same with food preparation and consumption for families dining in condominiums. There is a niche market for food subscription plans based on the fast paced lifestyle of condominium tenants, but that the general market in the food industry, with emphasis on deliveries.Keywords: niche, artisan, meal plan, restaurateur