Important Lessons for Indonesia from the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)

  • Rudy AG Gultom
  • Aris Poniman
  • Syachrul Arief
Keywords: IRNSS, navigation, satellite, Indonesia


A regional navigation satellite system (RNSS) is a navigation system whose coverage is regional. Its use is increasing day by day, more and more people use even various fields, and almost all of them require navigational information. This research tries to explore the navigation system in India, which has a regional scale. The research method used is a literature study, obtained from various references that are following research needs. The results obtained, that the history of India's RNSS development was not made in a short time, but required various preparations that took a long time. Starting from the study of the IRNSS segment, both the ground segment, the space segment, and the user segment, have been prepared in the best possible detail. Next, the reference system is also a concern, the reference that determines the coordinate system for correction or reference purposes in various RNSS applications. Next is the issue of satellite constellation, based on needs and conditions will affect how many satellites are needed to cover an area throughout Indonesia. Because of this, the analysis of this study becomes a reference to build an independent navigation system, especially if it is related to the needs of defense and security.