Development of Popular Urban Edutours Books to Improve Cognitive Skills of High School Students

  • Muhammad Zaini
  • Sri Amintarti
  • Rizqa Mardhatilah
Keywords: development research, urban educative tourism popular books, quality


This development research aims to evaluate the validity, practicality, and effectiveness of the popular Urban Edutours book to improve the cognitive skills of high school students. Research using Tessmer's formative evaluation design consisted of four steps; the first three steps were used in this study, namely expert tests, individual tests, and small group tests. The object of research is popular urban edutourism books. The subjects of the expert test research were UMM Palangkaraya Biology Education Lecturers, UIN Antasari Banjarmasin Lecturers and Teachers at SMAN 4 Banjarbaru. Individual tests and small group tests are students of SMAN 4 Banjarbaru. The research uses instruments to test the validity, practicality of the content, practicality of expectations, and effectiveness of expectations. Data analysis was carried out descriptively. The results of the study show that the popular Urban Edutourism book is in the valid category, as well as the good category of LKPD. The practicality of the content (readability of the book) is in the good category, so is the LKPD. The practicality of expectations is in the good category and the effectiveness of the expectations is also in the good category.