Analysis of the Potential of Geographical Indication for Honey from the Development Territory Vale do Rio Guaribas-Piauí

  • Tânia Dias Ferreira
  • Ana Caroline Rodrigues da Silva
  • Fabiola Nayara Sepulvida dos Santos
  • Lenita Delmondes
  • Islany de Moura Ribeiro
  • Liária Nunes-Silva
Keywords: geographical indication, beekeeping, Picos, Piaui, territorial development


The Indication of Origin is one of the modalities of Geographical Indication foreseen in the Brazilian legislation, granted to products and/or services when the region's reputation as a center for the extraction or production of a given product or service provision is proven. This research sought to identify the potential of honey produced in the Development Territory Vale do Rio Guaribas-PI for certification by Geographical Indication. To this end, it concentrated on verifying the notoriety of the territory in the academic and journalistic fields, from searches on Google News and Google Scholar databases. The results showed that the Territory Vale do Rio Guaribas-PI, especially the municipality of Picos, is recognized as a honey extraction center in the State of Piauí. Thus, based on the premise that the Territory is known as a honey extraction and/or production center, and that one of the main requirements for granting the Indication of Origin certification is the notoriety of the geographical area, highlights the importance of developing actions and public policies aimed at disseminating knowledge on the subject and the formation of collaboration networks to act in relation to the awareness and mobilization of producers and preparation of certification requests.