Practices of Designing English Program Syllabi at a Regional University in Vietnam

  • N.T. Que
  • P.T. Hoa


Examining the current practices of designing course curricula and syllabi is essential for the success of any undertaking to restructure a training program. This study employs descriptive research design to investigate the current practices of drafting English course syllabi of twelve English instructors at five different tertiary educational institutions of Thai Nguyen University, a key regional educational center of Vietnam. Results from the study show typical problems in the practices of drafting curricula and syllabi in general and of designing intended learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, and assessment tasks of these educators in particular, from which suggestions and recommendations will be given to ensure the successful design of any incoming instructional plans in the light of Outcomes-based Education.Key words: Practices, Designing Course Syllabi, Outcomes-Based Education, Vietnam