Optimization of Pesticide Spraying Drones on Terracing Land in Tejamulya Village

  • Dony Susandi
  • Harun Sujadi
  • Muhamad Dendi Purwanto
  • Ibnu Almugni Akbarudin
Keywords: agriculture, pesticides, spray, drones


In Tejamulya Village, the majority of the population makes a living as shallot farmers. The use of pesticides has become commonplace to overcome pest attacks and increase agricultural yields. However, the impact of pesticides actually causes problems; there is a negative impact from pesticide residues that ultimately endanger farmers and the wider community. In this study, we produced a tool in the form of a pesticide spraying drone that has a maximum capacity of 1.5 liters with a spray time of ± 49.83 seconds. So spraying pesticides on shallots using drones currently has a spraying time of 1 minute for one spray with a pesticide capacity of 800 ml.