Tiktok as a Brand Awareness Platform: A Review

  • Rahmad Agus Dwianto
  • Arief Bakhtiar Darmawan
  • Joko Santoso
  • Nur Wening
Keywords: advertising strategy, brand advertising, brand awareness, NVivo, TikTok


This study aims to discuss TikTok as a social media for brand advertising, introduce products, and analyze TikTok advertising strategies to increase brand awareness. Data obtained from brand advertisements published on TikTok for a month. Advertising data on TikTok analyzed descriptively using NVivo. TikTok is a new social media popular worldwide with users from teens to young adults. TikTok is a social media for advertising through a short video sharing feature to increase brand awareness. The results show that brand awareness increased on TikTok through various strategies, such as paid advertising, hashtag challenges, and well-known influencers. The increase in brand awareness is known from the impression data of users who see TikTok ads which fluctuate daily within one month of ad serving. The results of this study contribute to the novelty of the product advertising method using a platform that is currently popular and popular with teenagers and young adults. The government can use the TikTok platform to promote government programs to attract people's attention.