Understanding the Effects of Chatbot Marketing Efforts on Customer-Brand-Relationship: A Case Study of Young Users of Facebook Messenger in Vietnam

  • Huan Tuong Vo
  • Khuyen Bao Hoan Nguyen
Keywords: Chatbot marketing efforts, communication quality, customer-brand relationship, customer response, quantitative research


This study aims to explore how chatbot marketing efforts (CMEs) of brands influence the customer-brand relationship in the context of Vietnam, where Facebook Messenger is considered a popular chatbot platform of brands. In details, the paper examines relevant elements of CMEs, chatbots' communication quality, customer-brand relationship (CBR), customer response, as well as direct and indirect effects among those variables. The study employed CMEs model from prior research, and a data with 334 Vietnamese respondents who participated in a survey toward brands that have utilized the Facebook Messenger chatbot in their marketing activities in Vietnam. Such data is analyzed via the structural equations model. In result, the findings indicate that there are five factors reflected by CMEs (i.e.: interaction, information, accessibility, entertainment, and customization) that lead to a direct effect on communication quality (which includes credibility, accuracy, and competence). Secondly, the CMEs have effects on customer-brand relationships and thus on customer response, mediating by communication quality. As a result, implications from the study contribute to the literature reviews on CMEs model, as well as to brands and marketers in Vietnam to enhance their marketing strategy using chatbots effectively for the purpose of building and enhancing relationships with consumers.