Validation of Turbulent Natural Modelling of Fluid in a 3-D Enclosure using SIMPLE Method and K-Ɛ Model

  • B. N. Mutua
  • J. K. Kimunguyi
  • K. O. Awuor
Keywords: Turbulence, Natural Convention, SIMPLE, K-Ɛ Model


The purpose of the study is to carry out a numerical investigation on turbulent natural convection fluid flow in a rectangular enclosure. A flow motion of the Newtonian fluid in the cavity was considered. To facilitate the analysis of the flow and thermal transfer rates, a set of non-dimensional equations governing the fluid flow was used. The time-averaging process of the mass, momentum and energy governing equations introduced nonlinear terms into the equations of mean flow namely Reynolds stress  and heat flux  , which were modelled using the k-ɛ model. The RANS equations, energy and k-ɛ turbulent equations were first non-dimensionalized and the resulting equations discretized using Finite Difference Method. From the results, density differences due to differences in temperature cause a very strong flow near the hot surface towards the roof of the enclosure. The numerical data was validated using the benchmark experimental data provided by Ratnakar Kulkarni (1998).