Stages of Community Empowerment towards Tourism Village Development in Batu City, Indonesia

  • A. Faidlal Rahman
  • Made Budiarsa
  • I Made Adikampana
  • Indayati Lanya
Keywords: Community, Empowerment, Tourism Village, Development


Village transformation into a tourism village has been done in Batu City by optimizing all the village’s potential. Communities are encouraged to have the knowledge and skills to accelerate the realization of tourism villages as a response to tourism development. This study analyzes the stages of community empowerment in developing the tourism village in Batu City. This qualitative research uses a phenomenological approach. Data was collected through in-depth interviews (semi-structured), non-participant observation, documentation, and literature study. There are 24 informants, consisting of representatives of the Batu City Tourism Office, the heads of the villages (Sidomulyo, Bumiaji, Punten, and Tulungrejo), tourism village stakeholders, and representatives of tourism business actors. The data analysis method and technique used is an interactive model analysis developed by Miles and Huberman (1984), which consists of data reduction, data display, conclusion drawing, and verification. The result of the study shows that community empowerment in the development of the tourism village in Batu City is carried out in three stages: 1) giving awareness by organizing the socialization of the tourism village's potential and field assistance for tourism village stakeholder; 2) giving capacity and capability by organizing the tourism village training; and 3) giving power by facilitating the formation of tourism village organization and assistance of tourism village facilities and infrastructure. Community empowerment has impacted changing the mindset and behavior of the community in Batu City to participate in developing the village’s potential for tourism.