Effect of E-Bidding on Procurement Performance in Rwanda: A Case of Kirehe District Public Entities

  • Gatore Venant
Keywords: electronic procurement, public institutions, e-bidding, e-contract, e-catalogue


This research article aimed to establish the effect of e-bidding on procurement performance in Rwanda. The target population of the study was comprised of 18 purposively selected managers and employees of Kirehe District office and Kirehe District Hospital. The study used a purposive sampling technique. With purposive sampling technique as a type of non-probability sampling, the researcher used his own judgment about which respondents to choose, and picked only those who were meeting the purpose of the study. Through structured questionnaires, the researcher was able to collect primary data. Secondary data was collected from relevant literature review, business magazines, journals, internet and other relevant materials. The study results revealed that 29.2% and 69.4% of the respondents agreed and strongly agreed that e-bidding (98.6%) has a significant impact on procurement performance in Rwanda. The study suggested that electronic procurement should be critically utilized in order to speed up the process of submitting bids, attending notice, and signing contracts from the company to the tendering institutions. The additional research that focuses on determining the extent to which private institutions in Rwanda use e-procurement and the impact it has on their performance should also serve as a complement to the existing study.