An Another Approach for Buckling Calculus of Dental Implant as a Bar on Elastic Environment by Transfer-Matrix Method (TMM)

  • Mihaela Suciu
Keywords: dental implant, elastic environment, state vector, Transfer-Matrix


Applications in orthodontics of mathematical approach for dental implants are in full development, due to the rapid evolution in computerization of all medicine branches. In this paper we present a work in which we consider the dental implant as a bar on elastic environment, one-end of bar embedded and other end as a guided joint, with an axial compression force P at the joint end. That is an original idea to assimilate the dental implant as a bar embedded in an elastic environment. The bone is assimilated as an elastic environment. We used the Transfer-Matrix Method, because is very easy to program and so, we can obtain instant results with quick application in practice, even in situ. This work with this approach will serve for future research about dental implants, for optimization forms of implants.