About the Calculus of Cantilever Dental Bridge with a Single Pole in Medial Extension by Transfer-Matrix Method


  • Mihaela Suciu


Dental Bridge, Medial Extension, Charge Density, State Vector, Transfer-Matrix Method (TMM)


This paper presents an original and interesting approach for calculus of cantilever dental bridge with a single pole in medial extension. Orthodontic applications of mathematical algorithm for calculus in dentistry are in continuous development. We present a calculus of efforts (bending moment and cutting force) and deformations (arrow and rotation) in a cantilever dental bridge with a single pole in medial extension, that is a different, but an original approach for orthodontic problems about cantilever dental bridge studies. We treat this problem by assimilating the cantilever dental bridge with a cantilever beam, embedded at the left end and free at the right end. It is very important for bio-engineering application because the calculus of beams is well known by specialists in field. The idea of applying the approach by Transfer-Matrix Method (TMM) is original and very easy and interesting to dental bridge calculus as a beam. A medial extension is an extension of anterior part of mouth, in contrast to a distal extension consisting in an extension to posterior part of oral cavity. At first, we present a beam calculus using the facilities given by the functions and operators of Dirac and Heaviside. After, we applied the TMM for calculus of dental bridge with medial extension as a beam. TMM is very easy to program, and the results can be used rapidly in situ by dentists in special conditions. We hope for the future to present validation of results by Finite Elements Method and by experimental research too.