Reconstructing Ecofeminism and Its Elements in The Cleft by Doris Lessing

  • E. Aydınoğlu


This present study analyzes some fundamental social and environmental troubles through the novel by clarifying what ecofeminism is and how it is constructed in the novel in a detailed way. The introduction part gives a piece of brief information about the writer’s life, the short explanation of ecofeminism and the goal of the study. The rise of ecofeminism paves the way for the details of the effects and results of ecofeminism and it also explains how it has evolved in time. Components of ecofeminism observed in the novel are presented in the next section. In the conclusion part, the research draws to a close by referring to the novel through the ecofeminist doctrine. Thanks to this study, the significance of ecofeminism depicted through the novel underlines the necessity of the concerns related to ecofeminism in different ways.Key words: environment, women, nature, lessing, ecofeminism

Author Biography

E. Aydınoğlu