The Relationship Exposuring to Peer Victimization and Showing Peer Victimization in the Ninth and Tenth Graduate Students with the Psychological Symptoms

  • A. Öztuna
  • E.H. Yükseloğlu
  • S. Uğraş
  • C. Çalıcı


Adolescence period has a vital importance for a person. At that period, the person spends a great amount of time at school. At school, relationships with social environment and especially with friends affect physiological and social development. On the other hand, there may be some problems related with the relations with social environment. It may be claimed that peer victimization has great physiological effects on student. Aims of that study are analyzing peer victimization in terms of physiological effects and evaluate physiological problems caused with peer victimization. In order to reach that aim, survey method is used. When the peer victimization status of the students was examined, it was determined that 19.2% were victims, 4.7% were bully, 5.5% were both bully and victim and 70.6% were not in any group. According to the findings of the study, it was concluded that there was no significant relationship between the classroom variables and VPVS sub-dimensions and also it was observed that the differences of class status or age status of students had no effect on bullying.    Key words: victimization, peer victimization, psychological symptoms, adolescent

Author Biographies

A. Öztuna
E.H. Yükseloğlu
S. Uğraş
C. Çalıcı