Economic Life of Bangladesh Border Dwellers: A Case Study in Two Border Villages in Katla Union, Birampur, Dinajpur

  • Md. Sayedur Rahman
  • Kana Rani


Economic life, also known as average life, effective life, service life or useful life, refers to the expected period of time during which an asset is useful to the average owner. To examine the economic life of Bangladesh border dwellers is a strategical work that helps to investigate the overall economic life of Bangladeshi people. Estimating the economic life of an asset is important for border dwellers. This study examines and analyzes the major causes of economic backwardness of border dwellers. The study is based on survey of two villages where 100 respondents were selected randomly from Katla Union under Birampur Upazila, Dinajpur district through multistage sampling technique. Mainly this study is qualitative but to make the research more explicit the quantitative method also used. And the interview was taken through open-ended and close-ended question. In this regard some assumptions have been taken on the basis of research objectives. The result shows that the economic life of border dwellers of Bangladesh is a form of the nightmare, life of human as non-human being, and the final deprivation from fundamentals constitutional and economic rights. They face many problem and they lead very miserable life. Their living condition is not suitable for general people. Moreover, their economic condition is very painful, and they live under the poverty line. The place where they live is not perfect. Their lifestyle is like a barrier to modern urban development, a sound environment, a strong and happy nation. The findings suggest taking necessary initiatives to increase the knowledge of economic life of the border dwellers.Key words: Economic life, Border, Border dwellers, Katla Union

Author Biographies

Md. Sayedur Rahman
Kana Rani