Study and Design of a Photovoltaic Pumping System in the Madinah Sector at Dogomet Prefecture Dabola (Guinea)

  • D. Amadou
  • K. Cellou
  • S. Ansoumane
  • B. Saïdou
  • K. Mamby


This work concerns the design study of the photovoltaic pumping station of Madinah village in Dogomet - Dabola. It is based essentially on the assessment of the water needs, the calculation of the necessary hydraulic energy, the determination of the available solar energy and the choice of the components of the photovoltaic system and the pump. We have found that for the 1500 inhabitants of the village, the required daily flow is 30 m3 and it has been determined for the storage of water six (6) tanks of 3 m3 each brand MILA TANK, for a total volume stored of 18 m3. The sizing method used made it possible to calculate: the energy required for pumping equal to 7431.81 Wh/day; the corresponding peak power, 2452.74 Wc; the number of modules is 10 with a peak power of 256 Wc each. The calculated hourly flow rate of the chosen pump is 5 m3/h for an electrical power of 3066 W. The diagram of the entire plant of the pumping station was developed.Keywords: Photovoltaic, Pumping, Sizing, Manometric Height

Author Biographies

D. Amadou
K. Cellou
S. Ansoumane
B. Saïdou
K. Mamby