Religious Leadership and the Success of Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria (2020-2023): A Critical Appraisal


  • A. O. Chidi Emeaku


Millennium Development, Nigeria, Religious Leadership, Sustainable Goals


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a call by the international community to produce and implement a set of universally accepted goals that meet the urgent economic, environmental and political challenges of our time by 2030. The paper examines Religious Leadership and Success of Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria. The research method is descriptive, and secondary sources of data were utilized. Qualitative approach was adopted. It was discovered that few religious leaders had contributed to the success of SDGs, while the actions of greater number of them were diametrically opposed to the success of it. Federal government of Nigeria should sponsor an executive bill titled ‘Ethical Conduct and Limitations of Religious Leaders, 2024; to forestall their penchant for: child abuse, sexual molestation, ritualism, monetization of prayers; self-kidnap, and fake prophecies. Each State Government of the Federation should replicate Federal government’s policy implementation guidelines on the matter. These measures will act as a deterrence to other institutions in Nigeria.


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