Student Support Services and Student’s Satisfaction in a University in Vietnam

  • Tran Thi Nhu Trang.


This study investigates the relationship between student support service and students’ satisfaction at Nam Dinh University of Nursing (NDUN), Vietnam. The descriptive method was used through a survey to 400 students, who are studying and using universities’ services. The study used a combination of questionnaires and interviews in acquiring information from the respondents to gather the data. The measuring instruments utilized in this research were the frequency, percentage distribution, the weighted means, and regression analysis. The main findings stated that the respondents gave average scores in almost factors of student support services excepting they rated good performance in term of service of employment support. The regression results from this study presented that there was a positively significant relationship between students’ satisfaction and six factors of student support services namely dormitory service, canteen service, parking service, service of the training department, service at the office of student affairs. However, the service of employment support had no significant impacts on students’ satisfaction. Therefore, the universities should create a better condition to improve their professional knowledge of staffs to meet the requirements. Furthermore, they should improve regulations on the prices of services, working regulations, responsibilities for students when learning to use the training support services.Key words: student satisfaction, student support service, dormitory, canteen, training department, services at office of student affairs, employment support