Mobile Games: Total Time Usage per Day among the Private Higher Education Institution Students in Malaysia

  • Mariani Mohd Dahlan


The aim of this research is to establish a preliminary assessment of the time usage by students from private higher education institutions to play mobile games per day. A qualitative method was adopted for this research using document analysis from four programmes namely Diploma in Multimedia, Diploma in Management with Multimedia, Diploma in Animation and Diploma in Game Design. The numerical data collection was converted from the document. In addition, the data obtained were analysed using descriptive statistical techniques. The research findings revealed that the average time usage by students from Diploma in Multimedia programme to play mobile games was 1.86 hours per day. For students from Diploma in Management with Multimedia programme, the average time usage was 2.07 hours per day. While students from the Diploma in Animation programme used 1.71 hours per day to play mobile games. Overall. the highest score mean was 3.57 hours per day used by students from the Diploma in Game Design programme.Key words: Mobile Games, Time Usage, Private Higher Education Institution Student