The Effect of Accreditation on the Quality of Graduates of Private Job Training Institutions in the Bali Tourism Industry Sector


  • I Putu Arya Dwipa Udayana
  • I Wayan Suardana
  • I G.P.B. Sasrawan Mananda


accreditation, quality institutions, graduates, private job training institutions


The importance of competence of workers in the tourism sector can make it the main provision in providing excellent service for tourists in a tourist destination so aspects of knowledge, skills and good attitudes must be owned and fulfilled by all actors and workers in the tourism sector. The urgency of this study is to find out the effect of accreditation on the quality of graduates of Job Training Institutes in the Bali tourism industry. This research applies quantitative research approaches using field observation methods, followed by distributing questionnaires using a Likert scale with a total of 100 respondents; and samples were taken using a purposive sampling technique. The sample of this research is a private job training institution which is divided based on the category of accredited private job training institutions and activities in 8 districts and 1 city in the Province of Bali. Based on the results of the research showed accreditation has a positive and significant effect on the quality of graduates of Private Job Training in Bali, it can be concluded that accreditation has a positive effect on the quality of graduates. It is hoped for the Private Job Training Institute to pay more attention to a number of things in order to get maximum results to be able to improve the quality of institutions and graduates so that they can compete and develop in the future, it is better to improve more from several aspects.


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